v2021.8 focuses primarily on Viability testing with GG-CE.

New features and API updates:

  • Added API endpoints for inventory viability calculations across replicates.
  • Added configurable password policy.
  • Mapping to MCPD is highly customizable by using the "MCPD" language.
  • Change auditing is enabled across different GG-CE entities.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed the QR code in the INVENTORYVIABILITY_REPLICATE_LABEL default ZPL template.
  • OrderRequest API endpoint includes inventory and accession details.

Database model:

  • The data type of all description columns in _lang tables are converted from varchar to nvarchar in 797fa285 to allow for UTF-8 text. This change does not affect operations of GG-CE.
  • There are no other changes to the database model between v2021.7 and v2021.8 release


  • 797fa285 DB: use nvarchar instead of varchar in X_lang tables
  • 7a22f329 Update GG-CE Dataviews
  • 96e9a2e0 GGCE-SEC: Viability security
  • 6d4f6c65 Viability: Updates for updatability, data order
  • a9a7d3af Viability: Calculate viability results for selected replicates
  • e9fe35c3 Label: Fixed QR for viability replicate label
  • 8a046c59 Load more fields for list of OrderRequestItems
  • 49a00cc3 AttachmentAspect: skip assigning repository file if exists
  • ee7f9178 DB: Configurable dropping of abandoned database connections (default=true)
  • 77740dea Junit: using deleteAllInBatch()
  • 78c78612 Viability: Calculate results of viability test across replicates
  • e49b0486 InventoryViability: percent* fields are Double
  • 7141e5d7 MCPD: Genesys download MCPD to GG-CE mapping
  • c88ed88d MCPD: Introducing AccessionMCPDConverter
  • e1ce2f23 MCPD: SysLang MCPD used for mapping CV
  • 3c2d05f3 AppSettings: INVENTORYVIABILITY_REPLICATE_LABEL in category LABEL
  • 90b76fb4 Configurable implementation of PasswordPolicy
  • 36d7d25b Password policy
  • 2f3c3810 Startup: Don’t clear customized origins on startup
  • 7751dc92 Fix: Incorrect inner join in fetching InventoryViabilty records
  • f5654364 Fixes after updating AuditLogFilter
  • 4c1da188 Load TranslatedCropTrait with CropTraitAttach list
  • c5d02185 Extended auditing
  • 0e721d24 InventoryViabilityData validation of sum