The v2021.2 release introduces GG-CE security, enhanced filtering of accession and inventory records and a number of other improvements to existing GG-CE Web functionality, including bug fixes.

The Search panel can be toggled by clicking the "Search" button and it provides a number of options to find records:


The entry page features a barcode scanner (on mobile devices or computers with camera):


... and you can quickly snap a picture of the material using your mobile phone:


GG-CE Security

A new Permission management tool is available in the /admin pages where permissions can be granted users and user groups for specific action areas:

  1. Passport data
  2. Inventory
  3. Cooperators
  4. Request management
  5. Methods
  6. Traits
  7. Geography
  8. ...
  9. and System administration.


Permissions can also be customized by Site.

Action buttons are not displayed when the user does not have appropriate permissions. Regardless, the actual permission check is done by the GG-CE Server.

Auditing information Created By, Modified By and Owned By now displays the username instead of the cooperator name.

  • 85b7717f GGCE-SEC: Added permission checks
  • 7f839ae2 GGCE-SEC: Saga to reload users permissions
  • cccc4eb7 GGCE-SEC: SecurityService
  • 5b2e215a GGCE-SEC: Permission manager - site as links - ignore fields
  • caa94da4 GGCE-SEC: Permissions as link, added latest SecuredActions
  • 5d692666 GGCE-SEC: Permission manager
  • c85abc57 GGCE-SEC: Components updated for audit fields change from Cooperator to string
  • 1c647a4a GGCE-SEC: ownedBy, modifiedBy and createdBy are strings


  • cf09a55b SSR: Cache-Control private, no-cache for generated content
  • fbc86244 Refresh permissions and code values on login
  • 51069c00 Welcome: Jump to Accession label
  • c436a453 CV: reload code values after login
  • d2bc7f14 Welcome page: Jump to accession
  • d618f710 Forms with Cancel button
  • 9f4d7830 Inventory form: added Cancel button and using Save as submit button label
  • 0dcbf075 Barcode scanner: Don't autofocus the input field
  • 3daabe0b Welcome page: Added Login card
  • 7f29299d Requests: list page does not support SSR
  • ba61b78d Cookies: Switch to cookies.js
  • a0306216 HTML: alternate lang hrefs in header fixed
  • 3efe5e50 Attachments: Upload a picture (from camera on mobile)
  • ba7873c4 Barcodes: Improved barcode scanner
  • 1d9df172 UI: Filter inventories by accession number, added DOI link
  • 6cdc4326 ui-public: Updated code for new FilteredPage<T, F>
  • d2ad912c Inventory Details: UI layout
  • 812899fd Filters: More filters
  • e01d241d HOC: withFilters
  • 7c00d22e Imports: One big exports file
  • df700051 Filter: updates
  • c62c97a0 Filtering components
  • ab71a091 EnumField: with custom enum label
  • e8cd68d1 Site: Display site on Accession and Inventory details page
  • 60416fea Cleanup: <Table without noWrap
  • 25b54fca RequestActions: Fixed bug in CV display
  • 84be8ed1 System inventory colorized
  • a4446d27 System Inventory display and form
  • d4cc5c47 Table: Horizontal scrollbar is automatic and on the bottom of the page
  • c04f2730 Accession form bugs
  • 57a32dc2 Clean up withBrowsePageBase
  • 4171a2fe SSR request for codeValues
  • a9ec7559 API: update/create calls use only ID for referenced objects
  • 71ca4c2a Utils: referenceReferences is a reverse of dereferenceReferences
  • 7528383f Using generated forms: removed isEnabled
  • fd0f6516 UI: Using form generated with openapi-ts-generator
  • a0505227 InventoryTree: With better icons
  • e1678c9f Service: ownedBy, modifiedBy and createdBy are no longer Cooperators
  • 8d8cb136 Yarn: updated axios dependency
  • 85967c5a CI: Fixed missing variable in build pipeline
  • b6353f94 Switch to @gringlobal-ce namespace