The v2021.3 release

New features:

  • Display the map for each accession source
  • Adding inventories to groups and to orders uses a new Inventory picker
  • Filter Accessions and inventories by their maintenance site and inventory maintenance policy
  • Added new (too many to list) filtering options for accessions, inventories, orders, ...
  • Added management of Geography and Methods records
  • Display members of the User group in group details page
  • Preview of browsing trait observation data -- we need your feedback for improvements!

Bug fixes:

  • Form must not update fields from inventory maintenance policy if the policy did not change.
  • Ensure user's permissions are refreshed on page load
  • Printing pages from GG-CE is fixed

Accession source map

GG-CE displays a map of the location of each accession source that includes coordinate data:



Many new options are available to find accessions and inventories! You need to test it and let us know if there are filters that are still missing!

Inventory picker

A new tool for selecting inventories is available for adding records to Groups and Orders! All standard inventory search options are included.

Select the inventory by selecting the table row (or more rows), then click "Add":


Trait data

We developed the DRAFT version of browsing crop trait observation data.

You can select traits of interest by tapping the trait name and the table will be updated with data for the selected traits:


Note: Only the first few records are displayed. We need your input and feedback how to make it more useful!

Managing permissions

The Permission editor is simplified. The more complex options are available under "Advanced" expansion box:



  • a31f4665 Update Inventory quantity
  • ad5591e2 Fix issues with React code
  • f7db4519 ESLint: React
  • ea69ca7f Extract SysUser table to separate component
  • 5ca1e2c2 Admin: User Group members
  • 59023391 Autocomplete filter improvements
  • dce8c9ce Form calculators
  • 691bb08e Navigation: Added "Trait data" menu
  • 3544500a Trait data: Shrink top box when table is displayed
  • 37305f24 Trait data: Display multiple observations
  • 5867b098 Trait data: Group traits by category
  • fc22331e Trait data: Cleanup
  • 3f522770 Trait data: Using <Table key to reset React component
  • edb3f74a Table: Fixed bug in preparing table columns from user settings
  • 3b06488e Snackbar: without translations, messages must be translated at the source
  • e197209c Crop Trait Observations
  • 92d70508 Browsing trait data
  • 8152cd5a Change SiteFilter and IMPFilter to use Autocomplete
  • e5471e17 Filters: Site and InventoryMaintPolicy filters
  • cb48a024 CI: Deploy main branch to demo environment
  • dca18de0 ESLint: Autofix all code
  • 5400e958 ESLint: Fix ui-express code
  • c855db2b ESLint: Fix code
  • 0d4853b2 ESList: Configuration updated
  • 7a7a9b78 UI: Small UI updates
  • 453b5b96 Layout: include version in About box
  • e1775050 Cookies: Include domain name when setting the cookie
  • b9d15eac Client: await permissions before hydrating SSR
  • ed646dbd GGCE-SEC: Using an instance of SecurityService
  • 4e125298 Pretty permissions editor
  • 87bafba9 Adding OrderRequest items with Inventory picker
  • 8e7e9876 Fix: Renamed AppResourceBrowsePage component file
  • 953ff059 Filters: BooleanFilter defaults to "with null" option
  • 5b0791c6 Add filters
  • 03ed46e9 User form: Prevent browser autocompleter on Cooperator field
  • 4e85b384 Inventory group: Adding items
  • 680362d3 Filtering: Added filters on code value fields
  • dded9904 CV: CodeValue filter
  • e9c5ab09 fix uncheck option, add collapsible version of filter
  • 4185580f Filtering components: CodeValueFilter
  • 5900b503 Filters: Fixed names of filters
  • 4b0887ed Navigation: Updated main menu and Welcome cards with permission checks
  • bc816712 Geography UI
  • 230d5f7a Method UI
  • f9a43f7f Printing: Added @media print
  • 360b45a3 Maps: Accession source with map