2022.4 adds support for retrieving institute contact information using the FAO WIEWS API and fixes issues with printing labels. GGCE admins can make use of the newly added support for Zip archives in the File repository.

New features:

  • Retrieve institute information using FAO WIEWS API when editing Cooperator data
  • Download folder contents from file repository as Zip archive
  • Extract files from Zip archive in file repository

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved reset password functionality
  • Fixed problems with label printing (access to label templates, viability replicate data)
  • Fixed a bug with unresponsive Login screen


Cooperator records in GGCE include a field to hold the FAO WIEWS Institute Code of any cooperator. The form to add or modify cooperator information now includes a tool that will retrieve the institute information using the FAO WIEWS API based on cooperator's WIEWS code.

First, populate the Institute Code for the cooperator, then click the Search button to retrieve data from FAO WIEWS.


When the WIEWS API responds to the query, the insitute contact information is displayed in a popup dialog.


By clicking Apply you will be prompted to confirm that the contact information from WIEWS should be applied to the cooperator record. You can edit the details before finally Saving the record to GGCE.

Zip archive support

GGCE File repository now allows for downloading the contents of any folder as a single Zip archive (previously one would have to download each file individually).


All the files and subfolders are compressed on the server and streamed to the browser.

Uploading Zip archives

You can compress several files and folders on your computer to a Zip archive, upload the archive to the appropriate folder in the File repository, and extract the archive contents (including the subfolder structure) directly on the server:

All Zip archives in the File repository now have the Unzip button:



  • 019c4854 Reset password improvements in UI
  • 221c99f7 Label printing for viability test
  • d794823a Error message when the user adds an inventory
  • 9b7d5e97 API with timeout
  • 85123430 Viability: Allow null for normalCount
  • fa64e45e File repository: Download folder as ZIP and Extract ZIP
  • e4763ca7 Integrate cooperator with FAO API
  • 2f6ad48d Can not print the labels.
  • da8dea2f The add icon (+) is missing in code_values.
  • 520225e2 Bug: Login screen unresponsive