2022.5 adds support for assigning DOI to accessions, includes a button to reload data of the current view, improved filtering of accession and inventory records and improved display and editing of inventory data. The most exciting addition is the ability to read the weight of material from electronic balances directly into GGCE!

New features:

  • Assign DOI to accession and optionally update GLIS DOI Registration service with current passport data
  • Connect to electronic balances via Bluetooth BTLE and read weights into GGCE
  • Filtering records by created by, created date, modified by and modified date
  • Filtering accessions and inventories by inventory group
  • Added type of container to inventory display and form

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Ensure translation files are refreshed after upgrading GGCE
  • Disabled "Assign barcode" button for system inventories
  • Show username of current user in the menu
  • Enforce a more consistent programming style

Assigning DOI to accessions with GGCE

Assigning a DOI to accessions and updating Plant Treaty's DOI Registration Service with the latest passport data is now possible with the new Submit to GLIS function in GGCE. GGCE server prepares the necessary data and submits it to the DOI service. Accession passport data is automatically updated with DOIs minted by GLIS.

Please pay attention to any errors reported by this function. You cannot request a new DOI for the same accession twice!

Your GGCE instance must first be configured for integration with Treaty's DOI Registration Service. Contact the GLIS System Administrator at PGRFA-Treaty@fao.org to obtain valid access credentials. Please note that username and password to be used for GLIS API are not the same used to login to GLIS as user.


Out of the box, GGCE is configured to run against GLIS Testing environment at https://glistest.planttreaty.org/glis. To use GLIS Production you must reconfigure the server docker container and declare the environment variable itpgrfa.glis.basepath with the GLIS DOI Production endpoint:

The URL of the production server’s unique entry point as well as the final access credentials will be provided (by ITPGRFA Secretariat) once the tests are successfully completed.

The following Admin > Application settings with group tag GLIS_DOI must be configured:

  • username, password and PID: Authentication and Easy-SMTA PID for your institute provided by GLIS System Administrator at PGRFA-Treaty@fao.org and specific to your instance.
  • InstName, InstituteAddress, InstituteCtyCode: Your institute name, address and ISO3166 country code.

Reading weights from electronic balances


The most exciting addition in 2022.5 is the ability to read the weight of material direcly from electronic balances. This function is available under Inventory > Adjust quantity menu and is only supported in Chrome on desktops and Android devices (not on iOS). Electronic balances with Bluetooth 4.0+ are supported.

In Chrome, the "Bluetooth" button allows you to connect to the balance:


After connecting to the balance, the value in the field is continuously updated with the weight reported by the balance:


When inventory quantity is recorded as seed, the weight is converted to seed count using hundredSeedWeight of the inventory.

Connecting to Bluetooth devices from GGCE will further improve genebank's ability to quickly and reliably capture data during routine operations and we are looking forward to providing genebank staff with easy-to-use solutions!


  • fe257a31 UI: Drop rounded MUI corners
  • 46334f53 Inventory: Display and Form updated for order of UI elements
  • 8af78184 Fix: Disabled "Assign barcode" button for system inventories
  • 5a7f3c42 Lang resources with commit hash
  • 6d568a8f BT: Electronic balance reader
  • 78a854d2 Lint: Require single quotes
  • a1579b87 Lint: ui-express
  • aea83389 Lint: client
  • ed6ae98c Lint: Prefer single quotes
  • d6aaef43 Show username in menu
  • e98aad46 DateFilter fix format parsing
  • 332c9526 Filtering by Created by, Created date, Modified by, and Modified date.
  • ee4bcf4d Filtering by inventory group
  • 40d5c27b Type of Container
  • 48a51a3c Link Overviews to Accession/Inventory
  • 6b12fc46 Assign DOI to accessions
  • 3c7a33a8 CI: Deploy a branch to staging environment
  • 6f064ed8 Refreshing current display
  • 34d9e6fb Methods: Edit
  • 41525e2c Taxonomy: Remove FAB +
  • ca1f1cba Cooperators
  • fede45a6 CI: Deploy main branch to staging server, do not upgrade demo instance automatically
  • 82a6a29f CT instructions